Digital Education

An undeceiving concept for the Young on how to responsibly deal with the advantages and pitfalls of digital media.

We are interested in the subject of psychology because for us mental health and its care are extremely important, especially in these digital times. We think that this topic receives too little attention in the public. 

At the beginning of our work, we researched separately. Since both research topics showed certain parallels, we joined. By combining both topics (internet use & mental hygiene) we developed our final concept.

Since we believe that these topics are an important aspect of everyone’s life, we asked ourselves why we are not taught strategies to maintain mental health from an early age on. Our internet use can also affect our psyche. Through the use of algorithms, internet sites tend to show us only information that matches our previous views. This can effectively isolate us in a bubble. Starting from the issues that children are confronted with during their school years, we developed our concept. It deals with digital education of school children and includes learning important precautions and general behavior in dealing with the internet, social media, etc. 

Collaboration of Céline Lanzl, Merle Lehmann-Korn, Klara Herrmann