“And how will you make a living with that?”

Questioning work and its perception

My initial research began with investigating the value of work. I dived into topics such as money, economy, capitalism, performance, consumption, etc., and analyzed their relations. Early on, it became clear that economic thinking has a prior role in our lives. Although, we might not always be conscious about it. Remembering my time in high school, I realized how much my training focused on working for money and predefined goals that were not mine. The dominance of work with financial motivation pushed all other demands aside.

I started to ask questions. What is the source of this attitude? Why are we so strongly motivated by money? Why are we neglecting other significant things in our lives, such as our health, social environment, or personal fulfillment? Led by those questions, I came across alternative ways to organize work, for instance, the concept of unconditional basic income and New Work. These ideas became a great source of inspiration during my research. I felt convinced by their human-centered and value-oriented approach.

In my essay “And how will you make a living with that?” I discuss the perception of work and its role in our lives. Furthermore, I include proposals of how general education could help to shift our view. My ideas intend to serve as a starting point to a complex problem and draw attention to our personal needs and desires.

Research notes: Recherche-Wert-der-Arbeit